Safe in the Core of My Being

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The first day of our yoga retreat in Puerto Rico, the teacher gave us this mantra for the day: “I am safe in the core of my being.”

That’s a nice affirmation, but it is true? I want to believe that thought, but do i really feel safe in the core of my being?

When we say in our metta phrases “May I feel safe,” what are we wishing for? What are we praying for?

Safety is a lack of fear, a lack of worry, a lack of anxiety. Safety is safe in the present moment.

Some people use the phrase, “May i be free from inner and outer danger.” Most of us live in peaceful situations. We are already free from outer danger for the most part. It’s the inner danger of our own minds that we need to keep an eye on.

What are your most dangerous thoughts? Write them down, and let me know.