Breast Cancer Meets Mindfulness

Surprised by breast cancer, Cheryl responds from the depth of her meditation practice. Friends offer worry and chicken soup, fear and support, unwanted advice and helpful suggestions. Accepting life-as-it-is leads, one mindful moment at a time, to peace of mind.

Meet the Author

Cheryl WilfongCheryl Wilfong teaches mindfulness meditation at Vermont Insight Meditation Center and writes a daily award-winning blog.

She usually writes about gardening mindfully, but Life offered her the opportunity to write about breast cancer with mindfulness.

These people recommend this book:

“A great teaching….”
Joseph Goldstein, co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and author of Mindfulness

“Full of wisdom, hope, and deep compassion….”
Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance

“Two reasons you should read this book: information and inspiration.”
Shinzen Young, author of The Science of Enlightenment

“Funny, heartfelt, and oh-so-down-to-earth….”
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

“An intimate journey….”
James Baraz, author of Awakening Joy and co-founder of Spirit Rock

“I highly recommend it.”
Toni Bernhard, author of How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide

“Engaging and uplifting….”
Judson Brewer MD PhD, author of The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love – Why We Get Hooked and How We Can Break Bad Habits.

“The charm of this book is Cheryl’s realer than real approach to a perilous journey….”
Kevin Griffin, author of One Breath at a Time: Buddhism & the 12 Steps

“A seamless blend of Dharma talk and journal….”
Dawn Downey, author of Stumbling Toward the Buddha: Stories about Tripping over My Principles on the Road to Transformation

“Brilliant writing….”
Bonnie Duran, Ph.D.

“Compellingly (and gently) Cheryl invites the reader in to notice our own responses to scary situations—and shows how to become unshackled by them.”
Jan Frazier, author of When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening

Watch Cheryl guiding a meditation on positivity