Word Definition Belie

The final result of Raboutou en bloc belies her performance – she climbed incredibly well. As the third American woman to win a medal at an Olympic marathon, she belied her underdog status by leading the race for the fastest women in the world. The word “lies” seems to change meaning in an intriguing way. To punish lies is to contradict. If you`re 93 but look like you`re 53, then your young appearance betrays your age. But these terms belie the simplicity of what really happened. Bonnebault had narrowed his eyes, and his physical appearance did not hide his depravity. It is these questions that obscure the real problem of effort. But a recent spate of high-profile attacks, for which the Taliban are responsible, refutes this optimistic assessment. Even the data and his words refute his insinuation that these differences between groups are innate or a function of culture, not a product of discriminatory public policy.

The smile on her face belies the pain she must feel after her husband`s death. But the causes belie an impending emergency that could shake hospitals, Red Cross officials said. Archer`s horse did not hide the character he had given him. But the events surrounding her entry into politics belie her image as a friendly woman next door in the small Iowa town. Why, when I say that I am not ashamed of being poor, does blood rise on my cheeks to prove that my words are false? Middle English Belian, back to Old English belÄogan, from be- be- + lÄogan “lie entry 3” His relentless agitation and cheesy fascination with intervals between train arrivals belies his success as a shrewd political negotiator. But today, “lying” has lost some of that wealth and only means “exposing as a lie,” as in, say, “The evidence belies the reasons given for the war.” Spectacular shots that belie the danger that exists here. The transport company thought a lot about him, only they said he was ruthless, and he certainly acted young to deceive his appearance. Yes, and as far as we are concerned, beloved couple of pious emperors who shine with purple, are associated with the dearest names of the Father and the Son, and do not allow the name to refute the relationship, but strive to give in all other aspects also an example of superhuman love, whose concern is more orthodox than pride in the imperial diadem. In these things, the action before our eyes makes us proud. She laughed to prove her words wrong, but the tone of excitement couldn`t be hidden. We get lies from the Old English beleogan, which means “to deceive by lying.” It indicates traits or behaviors that accidentally or intentionally hide the truth. To remember this, just think “lie.” Snow White`s decision to enter the House of the Seven Dwarfs without an invitation belied.

Most professional reviews I`ve read praised the show in a way that refuted how underqualified critics were to address autistic stories. And while Obama has sounded like a paragon of sensible surveillance lately, his administration`s actions belie his words. “What is a lie?” asked Lord Byron in Don Juan. Then he himself replied: “It is only the truth in the masquerade… The story of lying illustrates a certain connection between lying and obfuscation. In Old English, belie meant “to deceive by lying” and was used over time to mean “to tell lies”, which took on a similar meaning to the modern word slander. Eventually, its meaning softened from an outright act of lying to an act of simple misrepresentation, and in the early 1700s, the word was used in the sense of “disguise or hide.” Today, lying suggests creating an impression that deviates from the facts, rather than telling a deliberate untruth. Once I feared it was because I had somehow become an emotionally distant person, but my love for my own three children and my partner belies that view. This obviously contributes to under-reporting and can debunk campus safety records. Jonathan Kim: Rethink Review: American Casino – Time Bomb Game Former White House economists say the deficit is a “serious threat.” Medea Benjamin: Stop sacrificing American soldiers for the Afghan debacle.

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