Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legal Reddit

These are all separate legal issues that are anticipated. Forcing someone into slavery through drug use is like multiple crimes. Victims of sexual abuse, i.e. rape? should certainly be illegal. Sex trafficking? So kidnapping, rape, forced labor. trying to make a living. You mean Central America? Striptease, porn, camera modeling, phone sex services are also legal. This is not to say that prostitution should or should not be legal, but to indicate that you have a very strange assumption about why laws are created. On what would you base laws if not on morality? I do not think we can know for sure. I think you are right that legalization would not magically solve all the problems of prostitution. But I guess that would reduce them, as there would be a trend towards legal rather than illegal operations. It is difficult to say what would happen if it were legalized. As with drugs, there is no infrastructure to help those who would choose an alternative of their own free will.

By legalizing and regulating sex work, you can protect sex workers from human trafficking and reduce the demand for sex work on the black market. The simple concept is a problem. Prostitution is part of the institutionalization of women as property: married women are private property and prostitutes are public property. Since it is legalized, Anna can settle in a safe space. Maybe it`s a house where other sex workers live, maybe it`s in a building that`s called that. That`s for sure. It has fire alarms, it has lighting, it is in good condition, without increasing humidity or other conditions. Since Anna is allowed into prostitution, she feels comfortable calling the police if a client is violent or tries to harm her.

She will not be punished for calling the police. She feels safe enough to go to the clinic and get treatment for sexually transmitted diseases or get better advice on birth control. Since Anna no longer relies on a pimp for her clients, she can set up sex work through an agency or website, with strict rules of client behavior. If a client harms them, they can sue them and they will be less likely to harm other sex workers or her. It is able to use a bank for customers to pay them, which is safer and more traceable, and the government can levy taxes on it. She is less likely to be a victim of drug and alcohol abuse because she can make money from it. She does not have a criminal record that she must disclose on application forms, immigration or her landlord, in order to obtain and keep housing. Her children stay with her and she can raise them. However, continued prostitution harms others. In prostitution, human bodies are for sale – much like a toy to be sold in a shopping mall.

In summary, I believe that legalization, combined with an effective structure, strict anti-trafficking measures, and a mission focused on prostitutes to improve their lives, is better than simply ignoring the problem or even trying to eliminate it. It depends, of course, on whether or not you see prostitution as a social problem or a legitimate job, but I think the fact still exists that prostitution will continue to happen, whether you think it`s a bad thing or not, so frankly, that seems to be the best position to make it safer. It is quite patronizing to argue that prostitutes are usually mentally ill or otherwise forced to do their jobs. I live in Germany, where prostitution, pimping and brothels are legal, widespread and an integral part of cities and society. Moreover, in a more practical argument, the legalization of prostitution does not really combat the extent of sex trafficking in countries that have adopted such legalization. www.unodc.org/documents/publications/TiP_Europe_EN_LORES.pdf Secondly, legalisation, combined with strict anti-trafficking measures, will help reduce the number of cases of trafficking in human beings. Studies have shown that the legalization and liberalization of prostitution actually increases the incidence of human trafficking to these countries when they are wealthy. However, many of these countries simply legalize prostitution and pay very little attention to combating human trafficking and black market prostitution in general, partly because the problem is not addressed, partly because the structures of legalisation are involved. The availability of support staff helps victims of trafficking seek help, informs them of their right to leave sex work, and can even provide information on trafficking routes and guides. I live in Germany, where prostitution was declared legal ten years ago. First of all, NOTHING has changed for lower-class prostitutes.

No security, no health care, nothing. What has changed: The police can no longer search brothels. Minors and forced prostitution were regularly found and arrested. Also: Now brothels can actually advertise. Not so long ago, I received a flyer for a flat-rate f**king. You can perhaps imagine how these poor women are exploited. In prostitution, human bodies are for sale – much like a toy to be sold in a shopping mall. And just like a toy in a mall, the item these people offer can be bought. or stolen. I believe that the main problem with the legalisation of prostitution is trafficking in human beings.

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