Which of These Shotguns Are Legal When Hunting Deer and Antelope

For deer: Only striped snails or shotgun cartridges with hooves containing a single expansive projectile may be used for deer. Hunter Orange requirements apply to hunters who hunt on public or private property. No person shall dispose of the carcass of a dead animal into a well, spring, pond or water jet, or leave it within 1/4 mile of an inhabited dwelling or highway without properly burying the carcass if it is unlikely to be exposed by soil erosion or if the soil is overflowing. Any person transporting carcasses or parts of deer and/or elk must comply with the regulations of each state through which they transit. For anyone carrying a rifle or musket in the field while hunting according to archery regulations (i.e. pure bow hunting). Hunters are permitted to carry both archery equipment and a muzzle loader during the muzzle loading season, provided they have the appropriate permits and comply with other muzzle loading season regulations. Hunters are allowed to carry both archery equipment and legal firearms during each modern firearms season, provided they have the appropriate permits and follow other regulations to participate in those seasons. Antelopes must have evidence of sex (head) remaining with the carcass until the antelope is registered. • For deer, antelope, mountain lions and gray wolves, the most significant change is the addition of .22 centerfire cartridges as legal ammunition. To collect deer, antelope, mountain lions and gray wolves in areas where they are designated as trophy game, hunters can use any medium-firing weapon of at least .22 caliber, use a cartridge at least two inches long and fire a bullet of at least 60 grains. • The .17 HMR rimfire cartridge has been legalized for turkey hunting.

This is in addition to the legal weapons in the previous regulations, which included shotguns, medium firearms, muzzle magazines and .22 WMR rimfire cartridges. All hunters (including lifetime licence holders) fishing for deer, elk, antelope, turkeys or bears must immediately safely affix a field mark to the carcass with their name, customer number and the date and time of harvest. • For all big game and trophy species, legal firearms also include any cartridge of at least 0.35 calibre and at least 1.5 inches in total length or a cartridge that generally delivers 500 feet of impact over 100 meters. Shotguns firing “00” or a larger buckshot shot are now legal for all major games and trophies. In addition, muzzle-loading rifles or .40 calibre handguns may be used to fire a lead or stretch-tipped bullet containing at least 50 grains of black powder or equivalent. All large cartridges and trophies must use a lead or expansion point bullet, with the exception of shotguns firing a “00” shot or a snail. Antelope, bear, deer or elk hunters who use archery equipment during a season with antelope, bear, deer or elk weapons (muzzle-loading or rifle) in an open hunting area (zone, county or area), including public places enclosed for the firearms season(s), must wear either a headgear or an outer garment above the waist consisting of hunter orange. Hunter Orange camouflage is legal.

• Regulations for archery equipment are similar to previous regulations, but the wording has been removed, according to which bows must be able to throw different arrow grain weights of at least 160 meters. For the removal of deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, black bears, mountain lions, mountain goats or gray wolves in areas where they are called trophy sets, a bow must have a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds. For moose and moose, a bow must have a minimum pulling weight of 50 pounds. Deer hunters can find a list of deer treatment sites online here. Many deer processors participate in the Hunters Against Hunger program, which allows hunters who legally harvest a deer during a deer season to donate meat to feed hungry Oklahomans. With more opportunities to harvest antlerless deer this fall, now is never a better time to donate to the Hunters Against Hunger program. A person who hunts during an open season where hunting is limited to the use of archery equipment or a muzzle-loading weapon may carry a handgun for self-defense, provided the handgun has a barrel length of less than 8 inches and does not have a scope. Crossbows can only be used for big game hunting when hunting for “any legal weapon”. Crossbows are not allowed for archery hunts.

In all cases, before processing the carcass, all deer, moose, antelope, bears and turkeys must be inspected within 24 hours of leaving the hunting area via wildlifedepartment.com`s online electronic verification system or the Go Outdoors Oklahoma mobile app or with an authorized ministry employee. Wide fixed heads must be at least 7/8 inches wide at the widest point; Mechanical heads shall be at least 7/8 inches wide at the widest point in the open position. All hunters participating in an antelope, bear, deer or moose season with a firearm (muzzle magazine or pistol) must wear both head covering and outer clothing above the waist, both containing at least 400 square inches of hunter orange clearly visible on the grounds. Hunter Orange camouflage is legal as long as there are at least 400 square inches of Hunter Orange. Seasons on public lands may differ from national seasons. Consult the special rules for public hunting areas. According to a recent press release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC), new regulations have been enacted for hunting in Wyoming. The new rules add additional calibers that can be used for big game, trophy and wild turkey hunting.

The new regulations add calibers and ammunition that were previously not legal to hunt these species and simplify language for other regulations. For the purposes of this licence, “permanent disability” means a disability that prohibits a person from manually shooting and holding a lawful bow at full distance. Contact your local NDOW office for more information. All other hunters, including trappers, except those who hunt waterfowl, crows, cranes or pigeons, or who hunt fur-bearing animals at night, must wear a hunter orange head covering or outer clothing when hunting during the season with antelope, bear firearms, deer or elk (muzzle magazine or rifle) in an open hunting area (zone, county or zone). This includes public areas that are closed for the firearms season(s). Hunter Orange camouflage is legal. Legal hunting booms must have a wide head, be 24 inches long from the end of the cam to the tip of the wide head, and have a minimum weight of 300 grains. An arrow used to hunt a wild mammal or wild bird may have an electronically or chemically lit notch.

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