The New Pope Season 3 Jude Law

What I found interesting when I compare these two popes in the series is that they both had to deal with childhood trauma that tested their faith and deprived them of parental love. What interested you in giving these qualities to both of them? The Young Pope will premiere in 2016 and will star Jude Law as Lenny Belardo, the first American pope in Vatican history. After a short hiatus, Sorrentino`s pope series returned in 2020 with The New Pope, replacing Law`s Pope Pius XIII with John Malkovich`s not-so-young John Paul III. As Silvio Orlando`s Cardinal Voiello ascends to become the new pope at the end of The New Pope, we`ll have to wait and see if anyone else comes to fight for the role of supreme pope. Before we could even witness the confrontation between the two existing Vatican popes, Sorrentino confirmed in his interview with SBS that he now has an idea for a third season for his first TV series and that it would then be finished. It`s a trilogy, he says. We have seen scantily clad nuns perform erotic dance moves, as much as the new pope is retired during an interview in front of the camera. We learn that he is only a moderate with a natural tendency to compromise, unlike his predecessor, who seems to have many declared powers. It seems that Sorrentino`s pope series will be a trilogy that will end with a final sequel that will have a title that includes an adjective between words like “the” and “pope”. Maybe something like the last pope? Or maybe Sorrentino wants to end the running trend and opt for the simple but dramatic title of pope.

We won`t know until there`s confirmation from Sorrentino, or until there`s HBO-related news picking up the new season. For your new pope, you have chosen Jean Malkovich. Besides being a very talented and respected actor, what attracted you to the role of John Brannox? Most of the time, he just needed more Lenny. Law`s performance as a character was a big part of what elevated the first season, and while it was fun to see actors like Orlando and Mark Ivanir, who plays the mysterious puppeteer Bauer, more room to shine here, the show often felt like it lacked its star. Especially in the middle of the season, the drama became repetitive. Malkovich, who always played to chew on sets and watch his fellow actors, did his best with a role in which he had to distance himself from some fleeting emotions and play his true intentions near his vest. His John Paul III never really found a way to fill Lenny`s flashy red shoes. In addition to this little anecdote about the future of the HBO Pope saga, Mieli explained to the festival how Sorrentino`s pitch to a hardcore American pope captivated her enough to get involved in the project. In the first season, I decided to show the Vatican from the inside, a world with walls, also because Jude Law`s pope is very conservative and he had the idea that the Vatican should be closed to the outside. Now we have another pope,” he said, referring to the first two parts. The enemies of the series would probably have found more satisfaction in the death of the young pope than at the end of the very controversial first season of the series.

And then we were introduced to “The New Pope”, the sequel to the first part of Sorrentino, but more torrid. The creators have increased the sensuality of the current season by several levels and leave very little room for imagination. True to his spirit of defiance, the new pope found himself with an unruly child blowing a raspberry in the face of papal authority. Just seen from afar — perhaps via a misguided meme or leaked set photos of a buff Jude Law walking through rows of models playing volleyball in swimsuits — Paolo Sorrentino`s religious drama could be seen as an exercise in brazen provocation, like the prestigious television version of the famous Christ Piss photo. Make no mistake: the New Pope, like his predecessor The Young Pope, pursued blasphemy with ironic brilliance. But in the following season, the show continued to ask thoughtful and profound questions, even if it stuck its tongue out. After finishing much of the drama behind the scenes in the penultimate episode, giving Cardinal Voiello (the great Silvio Orlando) the chance to defeat his many rivals and close the loop of (often confusing) financial corruption, Sorrentino turned his attention to Pius XII and John Paul III. This season was devoted to delayed gratification: Pius XII spent several episodes in a coma, only occasionally making ghostly interventions in action, and even after his return, he only met John Paul III in the very last episode. After waiting so long, you might expect real fireworks when the two finally face each other and vie for power. To convince John Paul III of his power, Lenny reveals that he heard what the old pope said about his brother`s grave. Again, this is an acknowledgment that Lenny has a gift of saint; There is nothing ambiguous about his supernatural abilities. But he`s also not a completely flawless and selfless character in the manner of Superman – even if he ends up saving the children of Ventotene by simply showing up, which leads the terrorists to reveal their true identities.

No, they are not Islamic fundamentalists. It was Esther and the other members of the Lenny-obsessed group who waited outside the hospital for weeks while he was in a coma. They just wanted a glimpse of their savior, whom he had hidden from the public since his early days as papacy. Sorrentino, who said he still hadn`t tried his sacred character`s most coveted drink, wanted “The New Pope” to focus on a realistic successor to Lenny Belardo.

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