The Law of Ueki Sub Indo Gokunime

In this thread, you will find a complete list of licensed anime and manga in the second quarter (April-June) of 2018. Anime spring 2018, the b. Most people are unaware that a bizarre tournament is being held to determine the next ruler of the celestial world. In this tournament, 100 celestial beings known as “candidates to God” must search among middle school students on Earth and transfer their powers to a student of their choice. The elect will then fight against each other and represent their candidates of God. The winner of this tournament receives the “Empty Talent” – allowing him to choose any unique ability he so desires – while the candidate of God he represents receives the position of “God” and becomes the king of the celestial world. Kousuke Ueki, a middle school student who has the power to turn garbage into trees is given by his teacher Kobayashi who has the power to turn garbage into trees. Despite the reluctance of his classmate Ai Mori, Ueki embarks on a journey to pursue his own sense of justice after seeing the people around him abusing their power for selfish ends. But when he meets talented power users like Seiichirou Sano, Rinko Jerrard, Robert Haydn, and Hideyoshi Soya, he realizes that achieving his goal might be harder than it seems.

[Written by MAL Rewrite].

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