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Topics: Types of Law, Natural Law, Divine Law, Eternal Law, Law Classification, Common Law, Equity, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Private Law, Substantive Law, Procedural Law, Written Law, Unwritten Law, Legal Language After purchasing this eBook, you can download the PDF version or the ePub, or both. Unlocking the English legal system will help you easily understand the main concepts of the legal system in England and Wales. It contains accessible explanations in clear and concise terms that are easy to understand, and provides an excellent foundation for learning and reviewing. This issue examines recent case law and legislation, as well as the outcome of the UK`s referendum on EU membership; Willers v. Joyce and his influence on the role of the Privy Council in the precedent system; the new Mixed Family Court; review of legal education and training and change of profession; and cuts in funding for legal services and legal aid. The Unlocking the Law series was specifically developed to make the law accessible. Each chapter begins with a list of objectives and objectives and includes diagrams to support learning. Decisions and judgments are prominently displayed, as are citations from primary sources. Summaries help check your understanding of each chapter, and there is a glossary of legal terminology. New features include problem-based questions with instructions for answering, essay questions and response plans, as well as case and material exercises.

All titles in the series follow the same formula and include the same features, making it easy for students to switch between subjects. The series covers all the basic topics required by the Bar Council and the Bar Association to access professional qualifications as well as popular option units. To calculate the total number of stars and the percentage distribution per star, we do not use a simple average. Instead, our system takes into account things like updating a review and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to check for reliability. Sorry, the preview is currently not available. You can download the document by clicking on the button above. To read this e-book on a mobile device (phone or tablet), you need to install one of these free apps: Subjects: Nigerian legal system, law, morality, legal theories, legal classification, Nigerian legislation, legislation, judicial hierarchy, crime control, enforcement, criminal procedure, preliminary investigation, expedited procedure, legal aid, legal aid advice, legal aid needs, Nigerian customary law, international law, banknotes, ordinary notes, political governance, social control, justice, rights, criminal liability, criminal sanction, recklessness, negligence, mens rea, lawyer Subjects: Nigerian Legal System, Common Law, Justice, Legal Interpretation, Literal Rules, Golden Rule, Rule of Nonsense, Natural Justice, Good Conscience You can read this e-book online in a web browser without downloading anything or adding any software to install. The publisher has provided this book in encrypted form, which means that you need to install free software to unlock and read it. You can read this eBook on any device that supports DRM-free EPUB or DRM-free PDF. Subjects: Criminal law, Theft, Receiving stolen property, Burglary, Burglary, Pretext, Treason, Incitement, Sedition, Case, High treason, Inconsistency, Bribery, Abuse of power, Bribery, Perjury, Evidence establishment, Criminal offences, Code of Conduct Office, Code of Conduct Office, Code of Conduct Tribunal, Courts of First Instance, Criminal Justice System Personnel, Justice, Special Courts, Court Martial, Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer, Nigerian Police prisons, administration of criminal justice, administration of juvenile courts, criminal theories, indictment, criminal offence, type of trial The text supports a range of law courses including OCR and WJEC A Level, ILEX, Access to HE, Paralegal, International Foundation Programme, BTEC in Applied Law, Law courses for non-legal students in business, accounting and utilities, and core degree and LLB programs.

The publisher has set restrictions on the quantity of this ebook that you can print or copy. – Keep your students` attention with interesting and informative cases and explanations of the law Support your students with this accessible and authoritative introductory textbook on the English legal system – from the author and publisher you trust.

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