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There aren`t many glamorous lunch opportunities where we`re based, but if I`m lucky enough to go out, I can come to Westfield to pick something up. TalkTalk runs a mentoring program that I participate in, so I go to lunch with my Exco mentor once a month. I find that leaving the legal team for consulting gives a new perspective on things like career development and how to approach areas of work beyond my legal specialization; such as human resource management and leadership skills. We also use a similar system within the legal team itself, where senior team members “befriend” some of the less experienced team members. This is a chance for friends to be open and honest and to encourage us to take advantage of the opportunity for a walking meeting around Notting Hill often. The other differentiator of our team is that we are encouraged to broaden our knowledge of the company in general. For example, after doing the legal work for our acquisition of the Virgin Media and Tesco Broadband client bases, I not only took the next step, but worked closely with our operational teams as they transitioned and migrated those customers to our network. This gives me the advantage of really understanding how the drafting of the law is implemented in practice and what is realistic within operational limits. As a legal team, we`ve really strived to demonstrate to the company the value we can create by engaging early in a transaction, especially those that are strategically important. Overall, we have done this and have earned the trust of the company as it sees us as a source of useful advice in general and not just in terms of legal points.

Therefore, all the meetings I attend in the afternoon probably have a strong business orientation and are not just legal or other negotiations. For me, it was these business aspects that drew me into an internal role, and it`s great that I wasn`t disappointed on that front. Although the legal team is geographically divided between our West London and Warrington offices, we all work in all areas of the business and not just one. Coupled with the fact that we tend to execute all of the company`s legal requirements in-house, this makes our roles very varied and prevents us from getting into the rut of producing the same documents over and over again. By expanding the scope of practice of each lawyer, we have been able to provide the company with the type of service they expect, while having a very light team compared to our competitors. Join a captivated audience of lawyers and lawyers listening to the most popular legal podcasts available. When I go to our office in West London, it`s only a short tube ride and I tend to arrive at work around 8.15am. For the past few months, I have spent one day a week in our Farringdon office, where our television crew is based. It takes a bit longer to get there, but it`s great to mix things up because there`s a different atmosphere there and I`ve been able to better understand what they want to achieve and how the legal team can help them get there.

Tristia held a number of executive and leadership positions at The Carphone Warehouse and the TalkTalk Group after joining CPW in 2000. She is married and has two teenage sons. Terms and conditions apply to the following products: I still hope to be woken up at 6:30 am by my alarm clock and no earlier by my overly energetic two-year-old. As with most commuters, I have now reduced my morning routine to high art and (unfortunately) know my times by the minute. When I go to a breakfast seminar, I cross my fingers for a decent bacon sandwich, but on a normal day, I settle for a bowl of cereal at the office. Not glamorous, but it gets the job done. Sustainable Law: Texas Opportunity & Justice Incubator`s Efforts to Bridge the Justice Gap Jonathan assumed the role of Group CFO in July 2021, having joined TalkTalk 6 years ago, after serving as CFO in our wholesale, network and technology businesses. She has developed TalkTalk`s community engagement program in the North West since moving the company`s headquarters to Salford in 2019, including partnerships with local food banks and other community projects to help disadvantaged families and children in the area.

Tristia is an independent non-executive director at Next Plc, chair of the board of homeless charity Crisis and honorary director of the national charity Ambitious about Autism. She is also a member of the CEO`s Board of Directors and a founding member of the industry`s campaign against online harm, Internet Matters. Most of the time I take the 7:20 train, but I try to mix it up by taking a train later some days so I can have breakfast with the family. Either way, it`s a five-minute walk to the train station (or a two-minute sprint). I like the fact that there seems to be an unwritten rule on my train that everyone should shut up. This is the perfect time to catch up on the newspaper on my tablet and get some free space between home and work. Any disclaimer and disclaimer does not apply to the price manual provided on the Website. You have the right to rely at all times on the accuracy of the information we provide in the Price Guide. Phil has over 25 years of experience in telecommunications with international experience in Europe and the United States before joining Opal Telecom and then TalkTalk. ⚠ Report abuse To notify the Law Society of any inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our Contact Us page. ILTACON Roars in 2022 – Here`s What You Missed Prior to that, Adam held various leadership roles at Cable & Wireless Plc, ranging from broadband regulation in the UK to responsibility for B2C and B2B communications activities in international markets.

He has led projects for clients such as Barclays, the United Nations and the European Commission. Terms and Conditions – Applies to our fixed and broadband products. Download TalkTalk Business Partners should refer to the corresponding Partner Services Framework Agreement or Reseller Agreement with TalkTalk Business. From May 2011 to June 2020, she was a director of Comic Relief. She chaired the sales and technology council and advised on marketing and communication campaigns. Adam spent his early career as a consultant for international trade and investment in emerging markets. He joined TalkTalk in January 2022 and leads our strategic partnerships with each of the UK`s largest fibre manufacturers, supporting our acceleration towards strong fibre and working to extinguish old copper scrap. Adam was previously Managing Director of iD Mobile, which he founded in 2015 for Dixons Carphone Plc, where he was recruited to build a high-growth mobile challenger business from scratch. The deal calls for the privatisation of Britain`s fourth-largest internet company by asset management firm Toscafand, according to an announcement on the London Stock Exchange on Thursday. Macfarlanes, Osborne Clarke and Dickson Minto all played a role in the £1.1bn acquisition of British broadband group TalkTalk. Nicky`s role is to lead the execution of TalkTalk`s strategic priorities and focus specifically on improving the pace and quality of change, which is critical at such an important time in the industry`s transformation as we make the leap to fiber optics and smart homes.

He has over twenty years of experience in various management positions in telecom and commercial finance, including EE and Orange. He has also been part of several Virgin start-ups in the UK and Central and Eastern Europe. Employment outcomes were excellent for 2021 law school graduates; Is that a sign of caution? Nicky has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, including leadership positions at Telewest, ntl:Telewest, Virgin Media and Capita. She has a broad range of industry experience including procurement, project management, process delivery, network and IT operations, network management and engineering, deployment, service management and outsourcing. Daniel joined TalkTalk in March 2019. Previously, Daniel gained extensive HR experience in a number of organizations including Shell, Manpower, FNZ, Xchanging and BDO. He has worked in private equity both as an advisor and in portfolio companies for General Atlantic, JC Flowers and Bain Capital. Tips – Help and advice on how to get the most out of your phones and broadband. Download Ofcom C7 Terms and Conditions – TalkTalk Business complies with Ofcom General Terms and Conditions 7 on Service Migration and Relocations.

Download The Code of Practice on Voluntary Enterprise Broadband Speeds aims to provide business customers purchasing standard enterprise broadband services with transparent and accurate information about their broadband speeds. Download Business Broadband Terms of Use – These Professional Broadband Terms supplement the Terms and Conditions and apply to Professional Broadband Products. Download Nick leads our industry-leading wholesale services division, which encompasses our strategic relationships in business-to-business and business-to-business markets. He also manages our key relationships with our infrastructure providers such as Openreach and City Fibre.

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