Synonym for the Word Legal

Vicarious liability is often referred to as secondary employer liability. Although all of these words mean “in accordance with the law,” the law refers to what is sanctioned by law or in accordance with the law, especially when written or administered by the courts. dishonest encouragement, especially by a lawyer, to engage in a vexatious legal battle (= legal action with no other purpose than to cause trouble) a fact or set of facts sufficient to warrant legal action a legal review to demonstrate that the cause of an action was not only real, but also legally the cause of a particular result In some situations The words legitimate and legal are approximately equivalent. However, legitimate may refer to a right or legal status, but also, in the case of extensive use, to a right or status supported by tradition, custom or recognized norms. Legal to make a legal document formally valid by signing or sealing legal participation in a mock legal case, usually as part of a law student`s training, to say that a legal agreement or commitment is now terminated in a written request or question from one party to a dispute to which the other party must respond. An interrogation is now generally referred to as a request for additional information. in England and Wales, someone who in the past has often taken people to court just to cause trouble. A person considered a vexatious litigant must obtain permission from a judge to initiate new legal proceedings. legal If property reverts to its former owner, it is returned to that owner to legally give someone something like property or rights related to a person`s refusal or to do something that they are legally required to do, such as abide by an agreement or pay a debt when a court decision is final, It cannot be brought before a higher court The words legal and legal can be used in similar contexts, but authorized apply to strict compliance with the provisions of the law and apply in particular to what is regulated by law. natural, divine, general or canonical). Legal versus things that don`t have physical fitness Situation in which lawyers, doctors, and other professionals are allowed to keep their discussions with legally secret people The principle that judges should base their judicial decisions on written laws and precedents, regardless of their personal and political legal damage to your reputation, your career or the feelings of someone or something. a case where killing someone is not a crime, for example because you have defended yourself capable (= less extreme or serious) of an official document asking someone to do something or refrain from doing something in England and Wales, if a person is unable to plead, they are unable to: understand criminal charges or legal proceedings against them.

In the United States, the question is whether someone has the jurisdiction to stand trial. the fact that he may appear as a witness in judicial proceedings the principle that a crime may be committed even if the offender did not know that one or more of his acts were actually criminal the responsibility of an owner or occupant of land or building to protect persons from damage therein; loss of a right, performance, or something you own because you didn`t do something or do something wrong A test often used in law to show that if an action had not been taken, something else would not have happened in the United States, being mentally fit enough to appear in court.

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