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ACA`s articling and articling sessions connect law students and young lawyers from diverse backgrounds with judges and trainee lawyers, as well as other programs. Interns` work includes legal research, writing and advocacy support. Interns are expected to work independently and in teams and are encouraged to interact with staff and visiting scientists as active colleagues. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone expanding their knowledge of human rights law and practice and/or pursuing a career in the public interest and social justice. One of the main goals of the Bureau of Competition`s Legal Internship Program is to provide law students with meaningful work experience in antitrust enforcement. The Legal Internship Program offers law students the opportunity to work closely with lawyers, economists, and other investigative staff in police investigations and federal court proceedings. Interns can expect to learn the basics of antitrust law through substantive tasks on a variety of topics. The office also offers a comprehensive training program that includes case studies and brown lunches during the summer, as well as opportunities to build strong professional relationships with lawyers and economists. Interns may be assigned to one of the following departments: Anti-Competitive Practices, Health Care, Technology Application Division, Mergers I, Mergers II, Mergers III or Mergers IV.

The Anti-Competitive Practices Unit investigates potentially anti-competitive behaviour in sectors other than health care and pharmaceuticals. ACP`s job is not only to stop illegal behaviour, but also to shape the law. The ongoing work of the ACP covers issues related to monopolisation, exclusion of small and innovative competitors, abuse of intellectual property rights and the obligation not to compete with each other. ACP has come to light by a number of cases involving anti-competitive behaviour by members of standardisation organisations. Contact: Patricia Jerjian (; 202-326-3019) Candidates interested in a 2L summer position should apply via The call is open from 14 July to 14 August. Here`s the link: seven departments participate in the biannual legal internship program: Mergers I, Mergers II, Mergers III, Mergers IV, Anti-Competitive Practices, Health Care, and Office of Policy and Coordination. Merger Division I, Anti-Competitive Practices and Health Care Division, accepts applications for part-time interns (at least 12 hours per week) and full-time trainees. The Mergers II, Mergers III, and Mergers IV departments also accept applications from part-time interns (at least 20 hours per week) and full-time interns, but Fusions IV prefers full-time candidates. Mergers II prefers candidates who are available for office internships on Thursdays. The Office of Policy and Coordination prefers full-time candidates.

The Federal Trade Commission`s Competition Bureau enforces the country`s antitrust laws. Antitrust laws encourage fierce competition and protect consumers from anti-competitive mergers and business practices such as monopolistic behavior, monopolization attempts, and business conspiracies. The bureau investigates potential antitrust violations and seeks redress in federal court or the FTC administrative judge. In addition to its enforcement work, the FTC provides antitrust enforcement advice to various stakeholders, including Congress, policymakers, other federal and state agencies, foreign governments, industry participants, and the public. Young lawyers and law students who are fortunate enough to complete an ABA internship or articling student are full of praise for his experiences. Some ABA member groups offer these coveted internship and writing opportunities. This internship is open to law students or law graduates, including LLMs. As it is unpaid, applicants are encouraged to seek funding from their public interest legal centres and other sources. The Bureau of Competition offers fall and spring semester law rotations for second- and third-year law students at its Washington, DC offices. Semester articling students work closely with lawyers, economists, and other investigative staff on law enforcement investigations, as well as federal and administrative court cases.

Typical duties include conducting legal and factual research, interviewing witnesses, drafting legal notes, and preparing documents and exhibits. The application cycle for summer 2022 is closed. Stay tuned for summer 2023! Current law students who have completed at least one full year of law school by the application deadline (part-time law students must currently be attending law school and have completed the equivalent of one year of full-time study by the application deadline) are eligible. Most candidates attend the summer between their second and third year of law school; However, law students who begin a legal internship or graduate program in taxation or accounting (including an LL.M. in taxation) may participate in the summer following graduation prior to the start of the legal or graduate program. If you`re applying for an internship but haven`t been accepted yet or have been accepted into a graduate program in taxation or accounting, consider applying to both the specialization program and the summer legal program. Candidates must be available by September 30, 2024 to accept full-time employment from JD to be eligible. The minimum eligibility requirements are as follows: career enhancement scholarships, internships and internships. Professional recognition through awards and writing contests. Financial support such as travel and scholarships. Each year, ABA offers 100+ opportunities and programs for young lawyers and law students. The application deadline for the spring semester 2023 is from September 6 to October 28, 2022.

For fall 2023, the application period runs from January 23 to March 31, 2023. Job interviews are scheduled and offers are constantly renewed. Students are encouraged to submit their application by the deadline. Students should contact the representative of each department they are interested in. The contact details of the representative(s) can be found in the shop description. The following application documents are required: cover letter, curriculum vitae, law school transcript, seven-page writing sample (maximum seven pages; Excerpts from a longer sample are allowed) and three academic or professional references. Semester internships are unpaid. All interns in the semester must be U.S. citizens and receive course credits to complete their internship. Interested students should contact their law school for more information and requirements.

Division descriptions and contact information can be found below. The IRS Chief Counsel`s Office Summer Legal Program provides the office with access to the office by allowing law students to work under supervision and with the assistance of experienced tax lawyers. The training and work experience provides developmental assignments and prepares law students for a career as tax lawyers, giving them excellent insight into legal practice at the Office of the Chief Counsel. At the national office, law students typically attend a variety of educational and social events. Students are expected to work for us throughout the summer. The target start date for this position is summer 2023. This program was established in accordance with 5 CFR 213.3102(r). Compensation for this position is GS-9, step 1. Full-time job offers with our specialization program can be made to law students upon completion of the summer legal program. Candidates interested in a 1L summer position should apply via

The post appears in January and is now closed. The Mergers I Division investigates potentially anti-competitive conduct related to mergers and acquisitions. The division examines transactions in healthcare-related industries, including the manufacture and distribution of branded and generic products, medical devices and healthcare products, as well as issues related to scientific, industrial and consumer products. The division was also active in the defense, aerospace and technology markets. Contact: Dylan Naegele (; 202-326-2433) and Lauren Gaskin (; 202-326-3106) More information on how to apply for these positions is available here. The Office of Policy and Coordination works with Bureau and Commission staff on litigation, speeches, congressional testimony, appeals, expert advice to clarify FTC rules and decisions on competition issues, and briefing materials. For further information: Synda Mark (; 202-326-2353) Mergers III investigates potentially anti-competitive conduct related to mergers and acquisitions. The Division reviews transactions in the petroleum, gasoline and natural gas industries, including pipelines and terminals.

In recent years, Mergers III has also explored mergers in other industries, including industrial sprayers, real estate and related products and services, digital databases and information services, and industrial manufacturing and distribution. “Mergers III” also contributes to the preparation of the FTC`s annual report on mergers in the ethanol industry and enforces the Commission`s rule to prevent market manipulation in wholesale oil markets. Contacts: Terry Thomas (; 202-326-3218) and Kelly Fabian (; 202-326-3566) The Health Care Division investigates potentially anti-competitive behaviour – including price fixing, group boycotts, exclusive trade, monopolization and mergers – involving physicians and other health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other institutional providers.

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